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Solutions Designed to Save Energy and Extend the Life of Equipment




Protect your HVAC components with INFINIGUARD, our specialty coating specifically designed for commercial, industrial or residential units.  Lower energy demands not only aid lifespan of the HVAC components and long-term ownership costs, they benefit the overall environment as well. Unlike other coatings on the market, INFINIGUARD increases the unit's output, and can be used on all surfaces of an HVAC unit including the electrical components, control panels and logic boards!

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Heavy Machinery


We use a a two-part hybrid silicon-ceramic

coating designed to bond on the molecular

level with metal substrates. The resulting surface of the coated substrate exhibits extreme protection against oxidation, microbial intrusion, chemical corrosion, and ultra violet degradation. Friction across the coated surface decreases an average of 18-­20% making the equipment very lasting and easy to maintain.

Electronic Equipment


Our siloxane coatings can be applied to electrical panels, control panels and other electronic equipment for extended corrosion protection and resistance to organic matter.



Our proprietary coatings can be used on metals, concrete, stone, glass, etc.  We can help enhance insulation properties of surfaces or better protect against the elements and corrosion. These improvements will extend the life of buildings, and reduce energy and maintenance requirements. 



Our Marine Hull Coating provides an eco-friendly and wallet-friendly alternative to expensive ablative hull paints. Our solution consists of a two-part pre-ceramic oxylane polymer coating that is designed to bond on the molecular level to the hulls of marine vessels and other marine structures in order to mitigates the growth of barnacles and algae. Vessels coated with our marine coating show a decrease in hydrodynamic friction that results in an increase of flow against the hull surface through the water by as much as 35%.

New Opportunities


We understand there are endless amounts of applications for our coating products. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have for new applications.