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Solutions Designed to Save Energy and Extend the Life of Equipment

Space Age Science for Modern Needs


Our Technology

Our products provide superior protection to a variety of industries. The

chemistry behind our technology allows our coatings to create a unique

fusion (covalent bonding) between the proprietary coating and the substrate

to be protected. This bond is nearly unbreakable!  


Silicon-Based Surface Modifier

Our treatments are composed of silicon-based (inorganic) molecules formulated to form a molecular bond to most any substrate, thus creating a new stronger, protected surface. Once the molecules are fused it is nearly impossible to separate the protective treatment from the product being protected. The nature of our inorganic coatings provide a slightly positive charge on the coated surface that repels water and all other particles that come in contact with the coated surface.


Traditional vs Modern Coatings

Traditional coatings are designed to mechanically attach to the top of the surface being protected, which works until the coating is compromised. When a bond is formed between our proprietary coatings and the substrate, the molecular structure of the substrate actually changes by chemically bonding with the molecules of our coating. The coatings offered to you from Caribbean Energy Solutions LLC have been created to fill the need for longer lasting reliable coatings for industrial, commercial and residential uses.

We are fully licensed and insured, and stand behind all our work!